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Pretty damn rad! Love the Kratos-ception :D

Amazing as always!

That must have hurt a lot, I would say. xD Very well done for the first flah ever. Nice animation, good sound quality. Voiceover without static noise, pretty clear. Good Engrish for a German dude. :D
And it's pretty hilarious since I know you and that is so TOTALLY you!
Also great logo (+ animation)!
Congratulations on your first finished Project and keep the stuff coming!

TheScratcherStudios responds:

It DID hurt a lot...I couldnt move for DAYS, every little muscle flexing hurt like hell.
Thank you for your support and all your praise! Actually didnt expect so much of it ^^
I wont dissapoint with the flow thats a promise!
From this day on my movies shall be flowing! ದ_ದ

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This was hilarious! xD Some polishing would be good, like a separate hitbox and animation for headshots or something. But overall I had some fun and laughed my ass off at the intro. Nice job!

It really could be longer but it's really cute ^^


Drills are cool! Exhibit A! The speed is ok I think. If you would go faster, you would rampage through the underground and pick up all shit and unintentionally drill through rocks all the time and stuff...

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...burst into dance! AWESOMENESS!


this song is one of the best I've ever heard! keep going!

Nice beats!

This song is like swimmin' in the ocean and gettin electice beat-shocks! Nice!

broove responds:

odd comparing...
But thanks ;)

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This looks super amazing! I saw it on twitter already and was like: Holy crap, wasn't expecting this!
So I already made a note to draw redesigned Ria with the red eyes being in kind of an intimidating pose :3

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Omg I'm so glad you like it! I really wanted people to get a taste of what the project is aiming toward so doing this demo became a huge priority. And I would LOVE if you drew her again! :'D

Love it man! Love the stylized clouds, they remind a bit of windwaker! What is this made in?

WooleyWorld responds:

Adobe Animate. Thank you. I liked them too.

So cute! I already said that, but I really like her design and your style as well!

ArtistGamerGal responds:

That is something I don't mind you saying again lol ;)
Thank you so much! ^_^

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